Alex and Ani Evil Eye Charm Beaded Stretch Bracelet Set of 3 RAFAELIAN SILVER

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  • Each bracelet is crafted with a durable, flexible band that fits most wrists
  • Crafted in our RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish
  • Charm dimensions: 19.04mm x 19.05mm
  • Adorned with Swarovski crystals and genuine Sodalite gemstones
  • Colors may vary due to natural makeup of the gemstone

Inspired by the traditional Nazar amulet, which  means ÀœvisionÀ in Arabic, the symbol of the eye stares back at the  world. An unblinking emblem of strength, the eye was worn by ancient  Armenians to ward off misfortune and harmful energy. This protective eye  symbolizes the divine, watchful gaze that cannot be deceived, seeing  only truth. This ALEX AND ANI Evil Eye Stretch Set of 3 in RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish fits almost any wrist, and  features a stretch beaded bracelet with an evil eye charm, and genuine  Sodalite gemstones that are believed to help promote clarity and  self-trust, paired with two matching beaded bracelets. Empowered with  peace and protection, you know all is well.

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