Mona B

A fresh new and bold line, eco-friendly and fashionably chic, blending the best of urban American fashion trends.

The Mona B woman is free-spirited, adventurous...with a little panache and a lot of femininity.  She appreciates an artful combo of fashion and function.

Each bag in the Mona B Collection is an exclusive one-of-a-kind creation, made with carefully selected wedges of up-cycled and durable truck tarps and military tents sunbaked, weathered and cured from the Indian deserts and jungles.  The wedges are then hand stitched and screen printed to tell a unique story with an adventurous flair.

A Mona B collection brings out the best of intrigue,

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Mona B Wild Streak Canvas Tote Bag
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Mona B Key Dreamer Tote Bag
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Mona B Two In One Convertible Backpack
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Mona B Cross City Ocean Crossbody Bag, 13" H
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Mona B Lola Crossbody Bag
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Mona B Surfs Up Burlap Tote Bag BL-248
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Mona B Rudolph Bug Burlap Tote Bag B-233
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Mona B Admiral Tote Handbag M-3526
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