Ever slip into a bubble bath after a long, cold day? Do you crave being pampered with warmth and softness?  Pudus will love you - all day, all night.  With fabulous designs and our famous animal friendly, faux-fur fluffy lining, Pudus™ inspire coziness, comfort, fun and joy wherever you are, and wherever you go.
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Pudus Unisex Brodie Slippers, Geometric Black, Adult, S/M
Pudus Slipper Socks, Lumberjack Blue, One Size
Pudus Classic-Sole Slipper Socks, Adult, Choose Design!
Pudus Classic Slipper Socks, Adult, Leopard Brown
Pudus Classic Slipper Socks, Adult, Hearts Pink
Pudus Classic Slipper Socks, Adult Grey
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