From the Creator of Squeezamals and Surprizamals comes the coolest and most satisfying plush, Shimmeez! Shimmeez are super glittery and shimmery plush characters with a fun twist. These mermaid sequin plush transform with a simple brush of your hand. Each character has two-toned sequined plush that you can flip back and forth to change colors or even draw a fun design within the sequins.
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Shimmeez Clip-On Ladybug
Shimmeez Clip-On Bear
Shimmeez Clip-On Chick
Shimmeez Clip-On Owl
Shimmeez Clip-On Pig
Shimmeez Clip-On Cat
Shimmeez Clip-On Dog
Shimmeez Clip-On Lamb
Shimmeez Maggie the Unicorn Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Polly the Pig Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Arlo the Narwhal Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Lainey the Lamb Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Delilah the Dog Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Oliver the Owl Medium Plush, 8"
Shimmeez Leo the Owl Sequin Plush, 14"
Shimmeez Yaffa the Unicorn Sequin Plush, 14"
Shimmeez Benji the Bear Sequin Plush, 14"
Shimmeez Cristy the Cat Sequin Plush, 14"
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