Anuschka Women's, Handpainted Leather Large Smart Phone Case & Wallet

$ 120.00
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  • Hand Painted Leather
  • 24" shoulder drop
  • 4.5" high
  • 7.5" wide
  • HAND-PAINTED PREMIUM ACCESSORIES: Art-inspired leather accessories for women; this premium leather cell phone case and wallet gets softer and more supple with use; magnetic flap entry keeps contents securely in place
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Pliant and organic 100% cowhide full-grain leather fully absorbs paint for exquisite design making; our skilled artisans have only the best materials to work with to create stunning works of art
  • BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT DESIGNS: Each case is a little piece of art hand painted by talented artisans; inspired by nature and vintage art themes, these premium leather accessories make a perfect gift
  • SUPPORTS AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Detachable shoulder strap keeps case close by while freeing up hands for other activities, strap has a 24-inch drop; designed for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and similar sized phones
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: 12 credit card holders, 2 multi-purpose pockets, 2 drivers license ID windows, 1 full length bill pocket; 7.5 x 4.5 inches (19 x 11.5 cm), 0.49 lbs. (0.22 kgs)

Keep it versatile with this vibrant smartphone case and wallet. This vibrant
Cell Phone Case & Wallet allows you to protect your phone while keeping all
the daily essentials handy. Full equip, the inside has twelve credit card
holders, two ID windows, two slip-in multipurpose pockets, and one full length
bill pocket will keep things organized while the rear flap pocket for
smartphone will ensure you have all things in a small, neat wallet. Fits all
major phone brands to include Apple, Android, and Pixel. Please note, they say
that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but when it comes to
counterfeit or imitation Anuschka creations, we are not flattered and you
should steer clear! We want to help protect you from buying counterfeit
products and knockoffs. The presence of knockoffs in the market is an
unfortunate reality for almost any high-end and innovative brand. We are
taking action on multiple fronts to counter companies that are selling cheap
imitations of our products. Always pay attention to the details to ensure you
are buying an original. Purchase your bag at an authorized reseller. Call or
email us to confirm if a store or website is a genuine partner. Or you can buy
right here!Feel the leather. If it is soft, supple and feels luxurious, it’s
probably authentic.There will be a leather tag stitched to the lining of the
bag with our logo.The lining will have our logo woven into it.The quality of
art is a great way to tell if the product is genuine. The colors should be
rich and vibrant, reflecting the passion behind the art.Each original Anuschka
is hand signed by a member of the family.All our bags come with branded YKK
sliders and a dust bag.
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