Big Potato The Blockbuster Game: A Movie Party Game for the Whole Family

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  • FOR ANYONE WHO HAS EVER SEEN A MOVIE: A movie board game for teenagers and adults alike.
  • MOVIE BUZZER BATTLE: Challenge a player to a head-to-head showdown and shout out as many movies as you can before the time runs out.
  • QUOTE IT. ACT IT. ONE WORD: Choose three classic films and race to describe, quote and act them out for the rest of your team. Can't remember a quote? Make one up, it's funnier that way.
  • PERFECT PRACTICE FOR HOLLYWOOD: Frantically act out movies like The Avengers and Mean Girls.
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: A family board game for adults and teenagers aged 12 and up. Learn to play in 30 Seconds! Recommended for 4-12 players.

The golden age of video rentals is back! Introducing a brand new fun family
game for anyone that has ever seen a movie À“ and just like all great
blockbusters, this one˪s a double bill! This is a game for adults and
teenagers alike, but for best results, you˪ll want to split up into two mixed
teams. In round one, each team will choose one of their members to go head-to-
head in a quick-fire buzzer battle. From ÀFamous trilogies to ÀMovies with a
zombie in itÀ™, these two players must think quick, shout out a movie and slap
the buzzer to put pressure on their opponent. The first player to run out of
ideas loses the round (and gives their opponents a serious advantage in round
two). We like to call round two ÀMovie charades with a twistÀ™. The player that
won the buzzer battle picks up six movie cards, gives the hardest three to
their opponent and keeps the rest for themselves. When ready, they˪ll get 30
seconds to get their team to shout out the movies by using three tricky
techniques À“ acting out the film, making up a quote and describing them with
just one word. Get them right quick enough and you˪ll have a chance to steal
from your opponents. Take it too slow and they might get a chance to steal
from you. It˪s an all-out race to collect a film from every genre and be
crowned the new Blockbuster big-shots. With 200 classic movies, 60 category
cards and a replica of a Blockbuster parking lot, you˪ll want to clear a space
on your top 10 family party games À“ this is one thatÀ™s sure to bring the
entertainment home again and again. Requires two AA batteries (not included).
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