C.R. Gibson Child Keepsake Tooth Fairy Kit with Stickers, 65 pcs

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  • Includes (1) tooth door hanger, (20) receipts, (20) fill-in envelopes, and (24) foil stamped stickers.
  • Create a magical tooth fairy tradition with your child with this adorable Tooth Fairy Door Kit!
  • Make the tooth fairy's job a little easier by placing the tooth in this tooth-shaped felt door hanger instead of under a pillow!
  • Fill out the letters to the tooth fairy describing how and when the tooth was lost, then cherish the keepsakes with the metal ring that holds them together!
  • The Tooth Fairy replaces the tooth and the note with a tooth receipt and shiny foil stickers!

Create a magical Tooth Fairy experience with this kit from C.R. Gibson. Little ones fill out the details on the decorative keepsake envelope and place it in the pocket of the door hanger. The Tooth Fairy replaces the tooth with a tooth receipt and money that can be adorned with foil stickers. The Tooth Fairy collects the hand-written envelopes and stores them on the metal ring to store these keepsakes forever. The name C.R. Gibson has been synonymous with quality for more than 140 years. Starting with the creation of the very first baby book in 1898, families around the world have depended on C.R. Gibson as their number one provider of products that celebrate life's most cherished moments. Understanding the importance of preservation and craftsmanship, C.R. Gibson products offer a tradition of excellence and quality. C.R. Gibson's commitment to excellence can also be seen in their commitment to design. C.R. Gibson sets a standard for style that reflects today's top fashions while creating a timeless treasured keepsake.
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