C R GIBSON Weekly Undated Planner - Today & Toujours

$ 11.95

"I take the fear out of COLOR, PATTERN and DESIGN and help people embrace design to LIVE FEARLESSLY. I travel, I eat, I dance, I seek experiences for all the senses and then I sit and allow the intuition to come through. I give myself the freedom to experiment with color, pattern, texture and design as a whole because why not? I then distill all of this energy into product that every girl can relate to. I want everyone who interacts with our product to be able to feel a piece of themselves whether that is the person they are or the person they are growing to become. To sum it up, Fearlessly Chic Living, for all." - Kristian Howell

  • Foil accents
  • Measures 11" W x 5" H
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