Desert Steel Sunflower – Garden Torch – 32 Inches Tall

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  • SUNFLOWER ART - Hand crafted from sheets of metal, talented metal sculptors work to shape each piece in detail to the real thing, making these sunflowers true to natures design.
  • OUTDOOR DECOR Make a statement with your landscaping plan and include these bold outdoor sculptures. They are a form of art that imitates nature, right down to the ends of each yellow petal.
  • OUTDOOR METAL ART Sunflower torches stand 32 inches tall by 14 inches wide, making a solid piece of yard art that can be enjoyed from any distance.
  • BUILT TO LAST Each metal art flower is constructed of steel and made to stand up to the elements without rusting or fading, even in the harshest sun and wettest climate regions.

Gardening is hard work, whether you love it or not. Why not  just enjoy the fruits of your labor, or the flowers in this case,  without putting in all the work? With the garden tiki torches from Desert Steel you can! These flowers are always in bloom, whether you live in the  desert or have a mountain chalet - each with a sophisticated element of  surprise when lit, adding a pop to any garden. The fuel canister can be filled with lamp oil or citronella (for help  fighting off the bugs) and holds enough oil to last between 4 - 6 hours.  It comes with a 10-inch wick, so you’ll get plenty of use out of the  torch but it’s easily refillable too.   

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