Elf Pets an Arctic Fox Tradition and A Fox Cub's Christmas Tale DVD Set

$ 39.95
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  • A bundle gift of the Fox Tradition and Fox Cubs Christmas Tale DVD
  • The DVD is a animated version and sing along version
  • The Fox Tradition is Beautifully illustrated storybook
  • Adorable arctic fox cub
  • Mini snow globe with glow-in-the-dark snow and adoption certificate

Santa’s Christmas Eve journey occurs in one night, thanks to an arctic fox
that sets polar lights aglow—pausing time and protecting his sleigh! The Elf
Pets Arctic Foxes inspire kids with a message of hope and How does Santa
travel the whole world in one night? Set against the backdrop of the mystical
Northern Lights, Scout Elf Newsey investigates as a little boy named Michael,
The Elf on the Shelf Scout Elves and loads of adorable Elf Pets Arctic Foxes
find out for themselves that nothing is more powerful than hope—not even
Santa! Running time: 27:00 minutes
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