FAO Schwarz Amazing 3D Spin Art Toy Set For Children, 7-Piece Spinning Liquid Painting Kit For Preschoolers, Educational, Creative & Stimulating 3D Drawing, With Protective Glasses & 4 Neon Colors

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  • CREATE UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF ART: Perfect for the budding young artist, the FAO Schwarz 3D Spin Art Set offers a unique twist on traditional painting! The spinning art wheel continuously spins a piece of art paper while the artist drops paint onto the paper to create one-of-a-kind effects. Its the perfect kit for young creatives looking to experiment!
  • ALL ART SUPPLIES INCLUDED: The spin art kit includes all the art supplies you need to make your own creations! The set includes: four squeeze bottles of neon paint in different colors, the spin art machine base and wheel, 15 black artboard/cardstock squares, 5 white glow-in-the-dark artboard/cardstock squares (all squares measure 5), one pair of 3D glasses, and instructions. (4 C batteries are required and are not included).
  • EASY SET UP AND OPERATION: The art set is recommended for children ages 6 years and up, and is easy to operate even for young artists! Simply click the wheel into place on the spin art machines base, then insert the corners of one of the included art cards into the notches (the card wont sit completely flat). Choose a spin speed, then start dropping paint onto the card to create fun and unique effects!
  • INCLUDES BUILT-IN LED LIGHTS AND GLOW-IN-THE-DARK CARDSTOCK FOR EXTRA FUN: Enjoy making art in the dark! The spin art machines built-in LED lights can be switched on and off for a unique nighttime experience! Pair the lights with the glow-in-the-dark art paper to add another dimension to your artworks!
  • 3D GLASSES INCLUDED FOR A VIEWING TWIST: Add another layer of fun to your art with the included 3D glasses! When your art masterpieces are finished, remove them from the spin art machine and put on the glasses to view the paintings and see how the colors pop in a whole different way!

Unleash your child˪s inner Kandinsky or Pollock Perfect for the budding artist
experimenting with anything from cubism to abstract impressionism, the FAO
Schwarz spin art kit offers children a fun and unique way to play with paint!
For something different from standard brush and canvas, the spin art kit lets
children play with squeeze bottle paints and create exciting splatter and
movement effects! Everything needed to create beautiful works of spin art The
set includes everything kids need to get started! The spinning machine and
wheel easily snap together, and can be used at two different speeds for
different effects. The included 20 cards (15 black and 5 white/glow-in-the-
dark) fit perfectly into the spinning wheel; the wheel base even has a
compartment to hold all the enclosed paint bottles! Fun features like glow-in-
the-dark art boards, 3D glasses, and LED lights Take your art to the next
level with exciting effects like the built-in LED lightsÀ”paint in the dark
with only the lights to illuminate the neon colored paints! The glow-in-the-
dark art cardstock adds another neat effect for nighttime painting. And when
you˪re done with your spin art paintings, use the 3D glasses to view them for
a totally different look! Features: Create exciting paintings with motorized
spin art machine Paint in the dark with machine˪s built-in LED lights 3D
glasses let you view your art in a different perspective All needed art
supplies included Battery-powered for easy portability (4 ÀœCÀ batteries not
included) Set Includes: Spin art machine and wheel with 6 built-in LED lights
4 squeeze bottles of different colored neon paints 15 black cardstock/artboard
5À squares 5 glow-in-the-dark cardstock/artboard 5À squares 3D glasses Ready
for your child to start painting? Click ÀœAdd To CartÀ NOW!
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