FitKicks Original Women's Foldable Active Lifestyle Minimalist Footwear Barefoot Yoga Sporty Water Shoes

$ 19.99
  • FITKICKS 2nd generation with the latest colors of the original women's foldable active lifestyle minimalist footwear barefoot yoga water shoes
  • Slip-on design footwear with minimalist breathable aqua shoe look and feel; full movement potential; ample toe splay; ergonomic fit; conforms to foot
  • Supports foot with enhanced comfort and mobility; minimal design with inner cushion; convenient pull tabs; protective toe guard; signature grip strap; Flex Form sole technology; fold & go transport; perfect for active lifestyles
  • Wear lounging or running everyday errands, low-impact workouts, swimming, high heel relief, kick-around shoes, traveling, yoga, exercising, walking, at the beach, dancing, water sports, commuting, kicking back
  • Spandex blend; durable FlexForm sole; fold-and-go transport; Available in sizes Small (5.5-6.5), Medium (M=7-8), Large (8.5-9.5) and Extra Large (10-11).

FITKICKS footwear offers full movement potential with a unique minimalist
design and ergonomic fit. Superior slip-on comfort with total breathability
and water-ready. Convenient pull tabs, protective toe guard, and signature
grip strap for a stylish edge. Durable FlexForm sole naturally contours to
your foot for free range of motion and fold and go transport. Great for
traveling, yoga, high heel relief, exercising, at the beach, running errands
or just lounging. Available in sizes Small (5.5-6.5), Medium (M=7-8), Large
(8.5-9.5) and Extra Large (10-11). FITKICKS are your kick-around companions!
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