Genuine Leather Up-cycled Crossbody Handbag

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  • Material: Upcycled Genuine leather
  • Construction: Hand-patched / Handmade
  • Our 100% genuine leather products are thoughtfully engineered by a unique technique of hand patching.
  • The technique of hand patching truly allows us say that no two items in our shop are the same.

Driven to provide an outstanding experience, our products are thoughtfully
constructed to perfection adopting up-cycled genuine leather, hand-patched in
such a way as to create a product of a superior quality and value than the
original. The technique of up-cycling makes us a unique choice by allowing us
to redefine "green". This is a genuine leather upcycled hand patched messenger
/ shoulder / cross body bag made of the finest freshest genuine leather
scraps. This ultimate leather messenger bag is for men or women wanting a
unique adventurous look and a very large bag with an enormous carrying
capacity, for either work, outdoors, or travels. Our products are completely
handmade with exceptional care. Each piece of leather scrap is carefully
monitored before it is patched up into sheets to further create a finished
product. The threads used in this process are heavy duty. By promoting the
movement of upcycling, we truly consider ourselves an eco-friendly brand. We
are doing our best to preserve all the waste out there. We are looking to
truly thrill our customer from each and every product. You will fall in love
with our products and it will get all the attention it deserves. This bag is
made to last a lifetime! IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) Shade of tan may differ from
pictures shown due to the nature of leather. 2) Irregularities and
disproportions of our hand patched leather are the main elements of our
products. The essence of these elements is what authenticates our products and
designs which further should not be treated as defects! This creative
uniqueness is what truly separates us from our competition. 3) Color
variations occur due to the nature of the product.
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