Hallmark Happy Go Luckys Baby Toddler Toys, Small Stuffed Animals, Bunny Chick Flower, Set of 3 Limited Edition

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  • Springtime finds these Happy Go Luckys especially cheerful. Twirp, the adorable chick, is as mighty as he is little, with a big spirit that's set to tackle his springtime to-do list. His friend, Boe Kay the flower, loves to brighten everyone's day with his exciting deliveries of fresh, fun blossoms. And the street-smart gray bunny, Hip Hop, bounces through the day with a style all his own
  • Happy Pack includes 3 mini stuffed characters: Twirp the chick; Hip Hop the gray bunny; Boe Kay the flower.
  • Plush fabric.
  • Ages 3+.

Delight your little one with these cheerful mini plush toyschick, gray bunny and flower. 3 stuffed animals in every fun-filled pack; collect them all!

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