Hallmark Happy Go Luckys Cool Kids Mini Stuffed Animals, Set of 3 Classic Stuffed Animals Food & Drink

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  • Everyone loves the cool Happy Go Luckys kids of Minihappolis! After all, who could resist these refreshing characters? Swirly, the ice cream cone, knows there's nothing wrong with being a little "vanilla" because she's a reliable friend who likes to serve others. And Melton, the popsicle, is everyone's favorite dude; when things get sticky, he sticks around. Sammy, the ice cream sandwich, has great flavor for life, and he believes there's three sides to every story
  • Happy Pack includes 3 mini stuffed characters: Melton the popsicle; Swirly the ice cream cone; Sammy the ice cream sandwich.
  • Plush fabric.
  • Ages 3+.

Make every day ice cream day with these mini plush toyspopsicle, ice cream cone and ice cream sandwich. 3 stuffed animals in every pack; collect them all!

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