Hallmark Happy Go Luckys Sweet Treats Mini Stuffed Animals, Set of 3 Classic Stuffed Animals Food & Drink

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  • Don't worry about overindulging from playing with this adorable clan of cute confectionsthese Happy Go Luckys will always leave you smiling. Candi, the hard candy, is a super sweet friend to the elderly, but deep down she longs to be a famous rapper. Coco is a classy, sophisticated cupcake who appreciates the finer things in life. And Lolly the lollipop's perky, positive attitude may seem like she's a bit of a suck up, but that sweet demeanor is as real as cane sugar
  • Happy Pack includes 3 mini stuffed characters: Coco the cupcake; Lolly the lollipop; Candi the hard candy.
  • Plush fabric.
  • Ages 3+.

Spoil your little one with these sweet mini plush toys cupcake, lollipop and hard candy. 3 stuffed animals in every fun-filled pack; collect them all!

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