Hallmark Happy Go Luckys Toddler Toys, Small Stuffed Animals, Bacon Breakfast Doughnuts Eggs, Set of 3

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  • These chipper Happy Go Luckys breakfast pals know how to make the citizens of Minihappolis rise and shine! While Kevin loves the sizzle of the late night crowd, this boisterous bacon is definitely a morning kind of guy. No one serves up a cheerful outlook on life like the optimistic egg Sunny, who always sees both sides of the story. And sure, Sprinkles the donut is pretty rich but she's a well-rounded gal who's loved by all
  • Happy Pack includes 3 mini stuffed characters: Sprinkles the donut; Kevin the bacon; Sunny the egg.
  • Plush fabric.
  • Ages 3+.

Show them breakfast is the most fun part of the day with these mini plush toys donut, bacon and egg. 3 stuffed animals in every pack; collect them all!

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