Hallmark Happy Go Luckys Toddler Toys, Small Stuffed Animals, Princess and The Frog Crown Fairy Tales, Set of 3

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  • Every princess-in-training needs friends like these Happy Go Luckys who are living the fairy tale dream. Jewelie, the crown, is a proper, polite debutant who's ready to show a princess the ropes. Sparkle, the magic wand, is forever the optimist, wanting everyone's wishes to come true. And although Ribbington, the frog, may be a bit slimy and sarcastic, you can't help but be attracted to his charming, enchanted demeanor
  • Happy Pack includes 3 mini stuffed characters: Sparkle the magic wand; Ribbington the frog; Jewelie the crown.
  • Plush fabric.
  • Ages 3+.

Add some magic to your little princess's day with these mini plush toyscrown, magic wand and frog. 3 stuffed animals in every pack; collect them all!

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