Jim Shore for Enesco Disney Traditions Minnie (Love Symbol) Figurine, 7-Inch

$ 49.99
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  • Artist's title: I Heart You
  • Enesco-for over 50 years.
  • Meticuously hand crafted
  • Artist designed; globally recognized for quality

Minnie Mouse makes the universal signal of LOVE in this sweet sculpture
designed by Jim Shore. The unmistakable "heartcrafted" style of Jim Shore's
Heartwood Creek collection captures the essence of traditional themes and
motifs of American and European folk art. Each piece features a variety of
quilting patterns and colorful combinations making it distinctly special. Jim
Shore has always had a passion for art, which ultimately led to the start of
his own company and partnership with Enesco. Jim's art includes painting,
woodworking, silver and gold-smithing, furniture making and sculpting in
stone. But, it's his recollection of nostalgic childhood memories and his deep
appreciation of handcrafted quilt patterns and textures that inspires Jim's
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