Kinetic Sand, Beach Day Fun Playset with Castle Molds, Tools, and 12 oz. of Kinetic Sand for Ages 3 and Up

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  • ALL NEW BEACH SAND: One touch and you can feel the fun. Kinetic Sand feels like wet beach sand but wont stick to anything but itself. That means no sand on your hands, clothes, molds, in your hair or in your bag. It leaves your hands completely dry and never greasy. Kinetic Beach sand is made of large and grains, for a realistic beach sand feel!
  • NON-TOXIC: Made with a special formula of beach sand and polymers, this addictive sensory sand is hypoallergenic, and non-toxic making it a perfect gift for indoor or outdoor play for kids aged 3+.
  • Includes: 340 grams of Kinetic Sand Beach Sand, 5 Molds, 4 Tools, 1 Transformable Sand Box
  • THE ONE AND ONLY KINETIC SAND: is like magic sand that sticks to itself and not to you! It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves them completely dry. With 20 ways to play, this toy kit comes with everything you need to build a sandcastle of your dreams anywhere.
  • ENDLESS EDUCATIONAL CREATIVE FUN: Stimulate children's imagination and enhance their manipulative ability using the 4 sand raking tools and 5 molds. Soft, easy to shape or sculpt with hands or molds that impressively holds its shape and incredible detail. Since it never dries out or hardens, you can build again and again!

The One and Only Kinetic Sand brings beach day fun to you! Inside a magical
sandbox, you’ll find shovels, rakes and all new Kinetic Beach Sand! Different
from the smooth feel of classic Kinetic Sand, Kinetic Beach Sand is made with
larger grains of natural sand – it feels just like wet sand at the beach! With
sand that never dries out, you can build again and again! Mold it, shape it
and use your imagination to make all new creations! Jam-packed with
possibilities, there are over 20 ways to play with this set! The sandbox
doubles as both play space and storage, making creating and clean up easy.
Magical, mesmerizing, soothing and relaxing, it’s Kinetic Sand! Create a
sandcastle kingdom of your own!
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