KNS ACK KineticSand Box Set - Multicolor (colors may vary)

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  • MAGICAL FLOWING SAND: Feel the difference with Kinetic Sand! Kinetic Sand is the original magical, moldable and mesmerizing sand. The unique formula makes Kinetic Sand stick together so it easily shapes and molds. Once you pick Kinetic Sand up, you won`t
  • SANDBOX TRAY FOR INDOOR PLAY: Play with the Sandbox Set anywhere indoors with the included tray and create your own sandbox adventures all year long. Kinetic Sand stimulates creativity and never dries out, so you can create again and again
  • 1LB OF KINETIC SAND & 3 MOLDS: Mold turtles, castles and crabs with 1lb of Kinetic Sand and use the shovel tool to help dig, scoop and flow
  • The Kinetic Sand Sandbox Set is perfect for creative and imaginative play and is a great gift for kids aged 3 and up
  • Its 98% sand, 2% Polymers and 100% fun! Its also gluten-free!
  • Made for kids ages 3+.
  • Includes: 1lb (454g) Kinetic Sand (Availabe in Green, Purple, or Blue Kinetic Sand), 4 Plastic Sand Molds, and 1 Plastic Sandbox Tray

It’s more fun when it’s Wacky! Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand where you
can FEEL the fun! You’ve seen it before, but you’ve never felt anything like
it! Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Kinetic Sand is so incredible you
can’t put it down. It’s kinetic – meaning it sticks to itself and not to you!
It oozes, moves and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your
fingers like a slow-moving liquid, but leaves them completely dry. Kinetic
Sand stimulates children’s creative skills allowing them to create anything
they can imagine over and over again. Kinetic Sand never dries out and is
gluten free. This soft and stretchy sand easily cleans up while delivering
non-stop fun! It’s squeezable sand you can’t put down. Feel the difference
with Kinetic Sand!
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