Luminara - Flameless LED Candle - Outdoor - ABS Plastic - Ivory - Remote Ready - 3.75'' x 9"

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  • Realistic Flame Technology
  • ABS Plastic Construction Won’t Melt in the Summer Sun or Crack in the Winter Cold
  • Mini-Holes in Bottom Drain Away Moisture
  • Ivory Color Unscented 3.75-Inch Diameter 9-Inch Height
  • Runs on 2 x D Batteries (Sold Separately) Flame Tolerates Windy Conditions 5-Hour Timer Feature Built-In 3-Position “On/Off/Timer†Switch

This Luminara outdoor 3.75-inch x 9-inch, flameless LED candle is constructed of ivory colored ABS plastic and features a 5-hour timer that can turn the candle ÀœonÀ and ÀœoffÀ at the same time every day. The candle is remote ready and has a built-in receiver for the optional hand-held remote control (sold separately). A 3-position switch on the bottom of the candle turns it either ÀœonÀ or ÀœoffÀ, or puts it in the 5-hour timer mode. When the switch is in the ÀœonÀ position, the hand-held remote control feature is active. When the candle is in the ÀœtimerÀ mode, it will automatically turn ÀœonÀ for 5-hours and then turn ÀœoffÀ for 19-hours. The candle will remain ÀœonÀ for 5-hours from the time that the 3-way switch is placed in the ÀœtimerÀ mode. The candle will repeat the same daily cycle until the timer is reset which is accomplished by sliding the 3-way switch to the ÀœoffÀ position and then back to the ÀœtimerÀ position at the desired ÀœonÀ time. Since this candle is constructed of plastic, it wonÀ™t melt in the summer sun or crack in the winter cold. In fact, it can be used outdoors all year round. Runs on 2 x D batteries (sold separately)

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