MomoStick Phone Grip, Random Color

$ 11.99
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  • Easily attached to any type of smartphone
  • Adhesive is strong but not permanent so you can transfer it to other phones
  • Materials: TPU, silicone
  • Works as a self-supporting stand for watching videos
  • Customer will receive ONE of the assorted colors

Since we spend a lot of time on our phones, why not make it more convenient? With MomoStick, your thumb is now more versatile than ever! Got phone butterfingers? Help yourself out with a Momo Stick. This simple device attaches to the back of your phone, adding barely any bulk, while allowing you to push up the attached band to create a perfect grip for your finger. You can take better photos, and even put the Momo Stick in your car's vent to act as a phone mount while driving.
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