Mud Pie Circa Chip N Dip Set (Veggie Dip Set)

$ 44.98
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  • You and your guests will enjoy vegging out with our Circa Veggie and Dip set.
  • Our veggie and dip set has a 15" diameter and sits 1.75" deep with 6 sections, leaving room to serve everyones favorite veggies!
  • Dip is to be placed in the middle 4" diameter bowl with "take a dip" sentiment embossed in the bottom
  • Comes with vintage style serving tongs engraved with "on the veg of my seat"

Color:Veggie Dip Set 2-piece set. Fluted ceramic multi-section veggie serving
dish features debossed sentiments, "What's my starting celery?," "Do you
carrot at all?" and "Broc'n roll" along inner rim and center dip well. Arrives
tied with stamped silverplate tongs.
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