Nora Fleming Stoneware Napkin and Candy Holder M8

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  • Candy napkin holder part napkin holder, part candy dish, part anything you want!
  • Start by selecting a nora fleming base, then choose a mini to match the holiday, season, or mood, or occasion
  • Our crisp, clean stoneware bases with the signature nora fleming pearl design complement any tablescape
  • Bases are durable and appropriate for any style of entertaining
  • Dishwasher safe; NOT microwave safe

Candy napkin holder – part napkin holder, part candy dish, part anything you
want! The nora fleming collection pairs traditional serving platters and home
décor pieces with unique, decorative "minis" that represent holidays, themes,
and occasions. Each platter and home décor piece has a hole in the rim which
holds the mini, enhancing the event or occasion. Every serving occasion is
covered with multiple stoneware, melamine and walnut serving pieces, including
serving platters, a candy dish/napkin holder, a paper towel holder, and an
oven-safe baker. The unmatched, distinctive collection also includes and over
80 minis which cover seasons, sports, hobbies, and holidays. Creative, new
products which are released quarterly to ensure the collection stays fresh -
something is always in the works, so that nora fleming reallly is one
gift...every occasion. About us: An a-ha! Moment in a paint-your-own pottery
studio was the inspiration needed to create the nora fleming line of giftware.
Why not have one neutral platter that changes with the addition of a mini for
every occasion, season, or special event? With the creation of one bluebird
mini, founder Nora had stumbled upon the key to fun, yet functional
entertaining and gift giving. The rest, as they say, is history... Two years
later, Nora's brother Jon joined the adventure to turn her version of unique
wedding and birthday gifts into a business founded on simplifying the art of
everyday entertaining. The ultimate goal is to have nora fleming be a vehicle
to spread love and joy and to make magical memories.
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