NuFoot Ballet Flats Women's Shoes, Best Foldable & Flexible Flats, Slipper Socks, Travel Slippers & Exercise Shoes, Dance Shoes, Yoga Socks, House Shoes, Indoor Slippers, Pink Baroque, Extra Large

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  • Attractive, Versatile and Comfortable with a sleek appearance and vibrant color options
  • Perfect for travel, yoga, the gym or office, dormatories and more
  • Easy care, Nufoot is machine washable and air-dries quickly
  • Made from neoprene, it provides a comfortable, clean, and attractive alternative to the traditional slipper
  • Size X-large fits a ladies shoe size between 10 and 12

Color:Pink Baroque | Size:X-Large Prepare yourself for the ultimate in indoor
comfort footwear. Nufoot Ballet Flats women’s shoes caress your feet while
keeping them warm and dry. Their seamless design prevents irritation and
conforms to the natural contours of your feet. Water resistant neoprene
construction means no more worries when walking around the house without
shoes. Whether traveling through the airport, going to yoga class, showering
at the gym, or just having some quite time at home, there is nothing better
for your feet than Nufoot!
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