Orbit - Bluetooth Key Finder - Silver

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  • FIND YOUR KEYS: Save yourself the stress of searching for misplaced items. Attach the Orbit Bluetooth tracker to your keys or place it inside your purse so you can find it in seconds just by using your Smartphone. If your Orbit is within range, it will play a loud tune until you locate it.
  • FIND YOUR PHONE: Misplaced your phone? Simply press the button on your Orbit to make your phone ring even on silent!
  • TAKE A SELFIE: Take the perfect selfie or group shot every time. Simply set up your phone, stand back and use the Orbit as a selfie remote. No need for a Selfie Stick.
  • LAST KNOWN GPS LOCATION: Want to know the last time and place you had your keys? Give your memory a break and let the app tell you if you left them somewhere, so you know where to look first.
  • REPLACEABLE BATTERY: No yearly subscriptions and no product wastage! No need to throw out your Orbit after the battery runs flat (battery life up of 6 months). The Orbit app will send you a notification that your battery is running low, and using the additional included battery, just twist and open to replace the battery.

Orbit - Find What You Need, When You Need It
Orbit Keys - Find Your Keys, Find Your Phone and Take a Selfie With its
premium aluminium waterproof casing and replaceable battery; Orbit uses
Bluetooth technology along with a free app to locate your keys.
Find Your Keys Make your Orbit ring at 90dB with our free app so you can
easily locate your keys around you. When your Orbit is out of range, it's last
known GPS location will be shown on a map, so you know the most likely place
where you left them.                                                      Find
Your Phone Press the button on your Orbit and make your phone ring if in range
even if you left it on silent! À‹                           Selfie Remote You
can also use your Orbit as a selfie remote!. Simply set up the in-app camera
and press the button on your Orbit to snap the perfect selfie or group shot
Replaceable Battery No need to buy new Orbit every few months and no monthly
or yearly fees. Your Orbit comes with a spare battery, so your are good to go
for at least a year                    Last Know GPS Location
and OrbitNet OrbitNet is a crowd finding community. If your Orbit is lost,
simply activate the OrbitNet and the whole community will now be on the
lookout for your lost Orbit.
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