Pikmi Pops Surprise! Flips! Series 4 Mystery Pack Reversible Scented Soft & Fluffy Plush!

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  • Pikmi Flips are palm-sized reversible scented plush that changes from a colorful pom-pom into a cute Pikmi character.
  • Each Pikmi Flips character measures 3.15" tall.
  • Collect all 12 soft and fluffy characters, including an Ultra Rare Cow.
  • There are so many yummy scents to discover, including strawberry, pineapple, marshmallow, blueberry, chocolate chip and more!
  • Hang your Pikmi Flips on your bag and take them with you everywhere!
  • Each pack includes (1) reversible scented plush, (1) cord, and (1) Surprise lenticular message pog featuring a cute message from your Pikmi Flip.

Style:New Season Pikmi Flips are back with 12 new scented characters to
collect! Pikmi Flips are reversible scented plush that turn from a colorful
pom-pom into a super cute Pikmi in a flip. This Pikmi Flips pack includes 1
reversible scented plush, 1 surprise lenticular message pog, and 1 cord. Pikmi
Flips are so soft and fluffy! Hang your Pikmi Flips on your bag and take them
with you everywhere. Collect all 12 cotton-candy inspired characters,
including an ultra rare cow! You'll never know who you'll find, until you
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