Rapid X PowX Wall 1-Outlet with 2 USB Chargers, Red

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  • Save space by enhancing your wall sockets with USB ports without losing your socket plug.
  • Free up your outlet and charge two mobile devices through one wall socket.
  • Output: 2.4A max
  • Smooth rubberized design, no installation required.
  • Compact enough to fit two PowX2 into your standard 2-socket outlet.

Make over your electrical outlets without losing space with PowX. Instead of occupying an entire outlet for 1 USB charger, the PowX gives you the convenience of having a 2 -2.4 Amp USB ports alongside your wall outlet. This gives you the option of simultaneously charging your mobile devices while freeing up the outlet for other electronic devices. You can convert all of your wall outlets into the PowX while avoiding difficult installations. Simply plug the device into the socket and you're ready to go.

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