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  • Category: Difficult
  • Objective: Remove ring.
  • Handcrafted in the USA. Made from 6mm steel. Comes in cloth bag, with information sheet.

Our collection of puzzles is based on the types of diversions made by
blacksmiths in earlier centuries. We call them Tavern Puzzles because they
often turned up in country inns and taverns, the community gathering places in
American towns, in days gone by. Did blacksmiths have a special fondness for
puzzles? Maybe. What is more likely is that making a puzzle was a task that
was used as a forging exercise for apprentice blacksmiths. The apprentice
could learn techniques for making an eye, a twist, and precision bending in a
simple puzzle design like the Iron Heart. After the master was satisfied with
the apprentice’s skill in producing nails, the young apprentice might put
together a brainteaser like the Patience Puzzle. Each puzzle is mechanical in
nature: you do not need to use any force or tricks. Puzzles are solved when
the object piece is removed. Every puzzle can be considered two puzzles in
one, because the solution is not truly mastered until the object piece is
returned to its starting point. Literature included with each puzzle shows the
puzzle in its starting position and indicates the object piece, as well as how
the puzzle looks when it is displayed. Tavern Puzzles are made from mild
steel, similar to iron. They will develop a beautiful patina through use and
handling. The more you play with your puzzle, the more attractive it will
become. Steel rusts if it is exposed to moisture, or stored under damp
conditions. If your puzzle will not be handled for a period of time, a light
application of furniture polish will keep it in good condition. With a little
care, your Tavern Puzzle will become an heirloom!
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