Tech Deck BMX Series 14 WeThePeople Bronze

$ 11.99
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  • Tech Deck delivers authentic replica BMX bikes, metal frames, and graphics from the top global brands!
  • Real Bikes. Unreal Tricks! Perform awesome stunts, including tail whips, flips, and more!
  • Collect them all! Discover your favourite BMX brands including Cult, Sunday and WeThePeople (each sold separately).
  • Tech Deck BMX Bikes are for ages 6+
  • No batteries required.

Get  the best in replica miniaturized BMX bikes from Tech Deck! With real  metal replica frames and graphics from some of the top brands in the BMX  industry, Tech Deck gives you superior performance and realistic  details you can't find anywhere else. Use the trick handlebars to easily  pull off tail whips, flips, and more! Collect your favourite bike  brands, riding segments, or the hard-to-find limited edition bikes and  bring your collection to the next level! The most authentic miniaturized  bikes come from Tech Deck! Real bikes. Unreal Tricks.

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