Two's Company Twelve Days of Christmas Set of 12 Scented Candles in Gift Box

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  • WIDE SELECTION. With a multitude of products made every year, Two's Company crafts items for every space in your home. From accent decors to kitchenware, barware, gift items, and more. They also produce holiday and seasonal merchandise that anyone with good taste can appreciate.
  • EXPERTLY MADE. This set includes 3 colors: silver, gold, and red, and 12 scents: quince, red currant, sugar cookie, Fraser fir, butterscotch, cedarwood, spiced winter, candied cranberry, ginger spice, peppermint stick, apple spice, and pomegranate. Approx. burn time for each glass candle is 7 hours. Crafted with soy wax that burns cleaner and results with less soot than other materials like paraffin. Once the candle has finished, just refill with a pillar or votive scented candle.
  • CHIC AND TRENDY. There's always something new for everyone. Two's Company strives to create styles that would resonate with a broad audience. From adorable kid's room decor to chic household items and charming gifts, you can always find a piece you would want to take home with you.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT IDEA. A Two's Company product is the perfect gift for any occasion. Suitable for Mother's Day, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and more. Share this incredible piece and make your loved one smile.
  • AN AUTHENTIC AMERICAN STORY. Celebrating 50 years of style, passion, and family. Two's Company is a business that traces its origin back to 1969, when Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb founded the company in their home, and which lives on over forty years later and with a footprint that spans the globe. Always looking for what's new and what's next to delight their customers.

Two's Company is a leader in the home decor and gift industry. Coming up with
over 1000 new products each year is the result of a collaborative effort of
the passionate team of designers and crafters that make these items a
treasured keepsake. The company is committed to making even more remarkable
products for you. Inspired and guided by Bobbie and Tom, her son, the
company’s aspirations are supported by a solid vision and a relentless passion
for great style and creativity in everything that they do. Bobbie and Tom
strive to maintain the company’s leadership position in the gift and home
industry, not only by offering the best product but also by their inspiring
showroom displays, their exciting trade show offerings, and their world-class
service staff.
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