Warmies Original Microwavable Hot-Pak in Soft Cord Cover (Living Coral)

$ 24.99
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  • A soft and luxurious hot-pak pouch, with flaxseed and lavender insert.
  • Each is sold individually.
  • Heat in the microwave according to instructions, or freeze in the freezer for cold.
  • Measures 18 by 5 inches.
  • Made with soft corduroy textured cover.

This simple hot-pak by Warmies gets the job done when you are wanting soothing
heat for relaxing sore muscles. Or, you can freeze it for cold therapy on a
hot day. Each one is filled with microwavable flax to keep the heat, and these
have a subtle and relaxing fragrance blend. Simply microwave for 60 seconds
and it stays warm for up to 45 minutes. Or, put it in the freezer for 30
minutes, and it will cool and soothe. Made by Warmies, a division of Intelex
Group. This measures about 18 inches by 5 inches. For cleaning, simply spot
clean the outside with a damp sponge, but never submerge in water or wash in
the machine. Please note, these are sold individually.
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