When You Lose Someone You Love, Gift Edition (CompanionHouse Books) Offer Solace and Comfort and Encourage Healing in a Difficult Time of Grief; Gentle Insight for Anyone Who Has Lost a Loved One

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  • 116 pages expressing the journey of grief, as well as hope and comfort for the future, with the look and feel of a condolence greeting card
  • Life-affirming insights from the personal grief journal of award-winning artist Joanne Fink
  • Expressive sentiments to accompany the bereaved through the many emotions and stages of loss
  • Beautiful illustrations from Joanne on every page, starting as line drawings and slowly incorporating color
  • Comforting messages of gentle healing for the universal experience of grief and loss

When You Lose Someone You Love is a beautiful and thoughtful gift of comfort for anyone who endures the loss of a spouse, family member, or close friend. Life-affirming insights from Joanne Fink's personal grief  journal are explored, along with a truly touching and heartfelt foreword  and epilogue sharing her own experience with loss. When a loved one loses someone, or we ourselves do, it seems  impossible to find the right words. This book of solace brings those  unspoken thoughts and feelings to life.

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