Whiskey River Soap Co. - Soap for Being Awesome, 6 oz, One surfing lesson scented (Ocean)

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Cool story, bro.

You know how some people try really hard to be awesome and other people are just naturally that way? It's like the difference between some suuuper lame story about like, college credits or your thesis, and a totally awesome story about jumping really high or explosions. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Bro.

  • Soap for Being Awesome 6 oz Soap One surfing lesson scented (Ocean) by Whiskey River Soap Co.
  • One surfing lesson scented (Ocean)
  • Soap that smells great and hopefully make you laugh!
  • Soaps are handmade, so no two soaps look exactly alike. Expect some deviation!
  • Quality and humor
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