Whiskey River Soap Co. - Soap for Namaste, 6 oz, Om scented (lavender & eucalyptus)

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I'm not saying yoga pants make you look 20% hotter, but I'm not saying they don't, either. So let's all take a moment to silently express our gratitude for yoga pants. And by "silently express," of course I mean post that shiznit immediately to your IG, FB and Twitter accounts. It's not going to post itself, darling. Then go make yourself a green smoothie and meditate on how much more evolved you are than the rest of the great unwashed.

  • Soap for Namaste, 6 oz, Om scented (lavender & eucalyptus)
  • Om scented (lavender & eucalyptus)
  • Soap that smells great and hopefully make you laugh!
  • Soaps are handmade, so no two soaps look exactly alike. Expect some deviation!
  • Quality and humor
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